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Sending out products to clients can be daunting. We at Citify would like to help you out. We will take your small and medium sized products, store them, pick them, package them, and send them out on your behalf the moment you get a sale on Citify or any of your networks. We will do all this for a flat fee of $40 a month. This will allow you to offer free shipping to your clients. If interested, contact us.

NOTE: We are located in Montreal, Qc, so this service might be better suited for merchants located in Canada or international merchants selling to Canadians. We will look for solutions for other merchants around the world.

NOTE: We do not have the facilities to take-in large, or very wide products, food, fragile, or priceless products, nor can we take in a very large quantity of products per merchant. Ideally we can take in small to medium products, such as clothes, toys, decor, non-perishable goods etc and a reasonable quantity for projected sales about 50 units per product.

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