What is Citifyrewards token?

  • CitifyReward is a crypto token that can be earned by sharing Citify’s products and services in exchange for reward merchandise and popular gift cards.

  • People who participate may receive these gift cards in exchange of the tokens for sharing Citify products and services either on their site or via their social media accounts.

  • NOTE: Presently, all eGift cards can only be redeemed in Canada, we hope to add more eGiftcards from other countries in the future.

How to Participate

  • You will need a Waves Wallet to accept CitifyRewards get one here https://wavesplatform.com/

  • Apply by filling these forms here

  • Report your progress sharing on social media as directed and receive tokens in your wallet.

  • We pay CitifyRewards earned at the end of each month.

  • You can also earn CitifyRewads with renting space on your site in the form of a banner.

  • To learn more please read the following post here.


What are the eGift cards available?

They can be found here

Why a crypto token?

Crypto allows far more flexibility for the earner of the token. The one who owns the token can do what they will with it, send it to a friend who can then claim a gift card or product, etc etc. Also it is far FAR cheaper for Citify Marketplace to use a crypto token than a central rewards points system in both development and management saving us 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Can I make money with CitifyRewards/ or will it raise in value the future?

Not that we know of. It is essentially a worthless token for a rewards program.

Is CitifyRewards a security token ?

Absolutely NOT, it is, as the very name implies, a reward token to reward persons who share our products and services through either their site or social media with gift cards and merchandise. It does not constitute an part ownership of the company nor can it raise or be exchanged with the expectation of profit due to the efforts of Citify Marketplace.

Will it be on any exchanges ?

Citify Marketplace will never place CitifyRewards on any exchange.

Can I buy CitifyRewards ?

No, we do not sell the token. It must be earned through sharing products and services available on Citify Marketplace.

Can the gift cards be exchanged for money, crypto, or any other gift card?

It is not possible on our platform and the eGift cards themselves cannot be exchanged or debited as moneys to accounts or other. However, there are some platforms in which gift cards can be exchanged for other gift cards and/or even sold for fiat and possibly crypto at a certain % of the value of the card.

Can I send CitifyRewards to another person ?

YES, you can send your CitifyRewards tokens to anyone else with a waves wallet?

Can I buy the eGift Cards?

Absolutely, you can buy any of the eGift cards with any of the 50 different crypto currencies and Paypal. Be very careful that the eGift card is redeemable in your country. So far all eGift cards are only redeemable in Canada. We will add more gift cards for other countries soon.

What is the value of the token ?

The token will have the constant value of $0.25 each social media share is equal to 1 CitifyRewards token. This means that for an eGift card worth $25 a person must share Citify products and services at least 100 times/ $50 = 200 times, $75 = 300 times $ 100 = 400 times.

The most passive way to earn CitifyRewards and eGift cards is by placing a website banner on your site we rent it at 2 CitifyRewards per day for the time that the banner is on your site. That is to say, 50 days = $25 eGift card, 100 days = $50 eGift card, 150 days = $75 eGift card, and 200 days = $100 eGift Card. Other amounts are also possible. We only ask that the site in question is active and constantly generates content and at least some respectable traffic.

Don’t have a website ? The other passive way to change your profile pic on your social media account at the same rate and terms as with a site. That is to say, we rent your profile for 2 CitifyRewards a day. We ask that it is a real account with real people and that there are some followers. Only 1 social media account per person at a time. No multiple or duplicates accounts, etc etc.

Where are the website banners ?

They can be found here

How do I trade my tokens in for eGifts card ?

You must transfer your amount of CitifyRewards to our Waves Wallet address, then using the note section in the transfer, write the eGift card you would like to have and the name and email address of the recipient. Give one day for the order to be processed.

CitifyRewards features

  • CitifyRewards is using the Waves platform token. It is just simpler and better to use than ETH,

  • Encrypted and safe token to use and hold using the Waves wallet

  • An internal and native utility reward token for the marketplace.

  • A shoppers and marketers reward system for reward merchandise and gift cards.

  • The token can be sent to anyone with a Waves Wallet.

    Citify Marketplace Features 

  • Geo specific marketplace to find local stores and their purchasable offers online. Like Foursquare but with a marketplace of the merchants products.

  • Quickly find stores and products through a searchable directory.

  • Products are easily shared with friends on social media networks

  • Accepts payments through paypal

  • Stay connected with your favorite stores

  • Search available local products with large and small businesses alike.

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you.

Or meet us for a chat, ask questions, on our Telegram https://t.me/citifycoin

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