What is CitiFYcoin?

  • Citifycoin is a utility cryptocurrency that will be used on the Citify marketplace.

  • Citifycoin can be earned by sharing Citify’s products and services in exchange for reward merchandise available on the marketplace.

  • Merchants may also reward promoters by placing some products available in exchange for citifycoins.

    To learn more about how to earn citifycoins go here to learn more about rewards please go here

  • You will need waves wallet to accept Citifycoins

Citifycoin features

  • Citifycoin is using the waves platform token. It is just simpler to use than ETH,

  • Encrypted and safe token to use and hold using the Waves wallet

  • An internal and native currency for the marketplace.

  • A shoppers and marketers reward system.

Citify Marketplace features 

  • Geo specific marketplace to find local stores and their purchasable offers online. Like Foursquare but with a marketplace of the merchants products.

  • Quickly find stores and through a searchable directory.

  • Products are easily shared with friends on social networks

  • Accepts payments through paypal and a native Crypto

  • Leave commentary, questions, and ratings

  • Stay connected with favorite stores

  • Search available local products with large and small businesses alike.

  • The eventual addition of a local delivery system for all retailers. Same day merchant to customer delivery system.

  • The eventual addition of a voice ordering system for local products.

Only 100,000,000 tokens available

Identifier: 3LkZSjkC4ipfgaDKMfvQLvx2syTyvt8FMcXjnbniztxN

Details:'s, a hyperlocal marketplace for city merchants, crypto-token.

Total tokens:100000000.00000000

Reissuable: No

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