Citify will print a catalog in your area to promote your online products and your store. This offline tool will surely help with brand recognition and boost online and offline sales. This service is only available for merchants selling products online with Citify. So how is this going to work?

  1. First we will need merchants to reserve a spot in the catalog. This will be according to location. For example, we get 20 merchants from Montreal who are interested to participate and have their products and services advertised. Then we can start with the next steps to print the catalog.

  2. The moment we have about 20+ stores for any given city, we ask the merchants to chip in some money for the printing and distribution of the catalog. The amount is equally split between merchants for this service. Each merchant will have one page to advertise their products. The merchant must supply their own creatives. NOTE: We do not create creatives or format them for this service.

  3. The amount of money for the service is collected from the merchants and a printer will be contracted for the printing and delivery of the catalog. All other needs will be communicated i.e format, colors, size, amount printed, location, answer any questions etc, etc, etc.

  4. The catalogs will be then distributed to potential customers across the city or focused area.

Advantages are

  1. Shared cost to print a catalog

  2. shared cost for the deivery of catalog

  3. More sales online and offline

  4. Brand awareness for your store and online store

  5. Attract new local clients

  6. Cheap offline way to promote your products and services.

If interested in this service, for more information, or to reserve a spot for your city or area please contact us.

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