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New premium services.

We have added a few premium services to our site to give a greater diversity of options. They can be summed up as Bronze, Gold, and Platinum.


Bronze is the free option in which any merchant can add unlimited products for free for a 5% commission after a sale. The promotion and advertising of products for the store is entirely up to the merchant aside from a mention on our social media.

Cost: Free


The gold option has everything of the bronze except the commission is at 0% and the merchant will benefit of being shared unto our social media, e-mail campaign to our thousands of subscribers and having their video content available on Citify TV to be potentially viewed by thousands of potential customers and their audio ads to be added to all our radio stations.

Cost: $25/month


Platinum has everything the Gold option has, except the added value of having their products uploaded on many more marketplaces, Amazon, Ebay, Bonanza, and many others. Also, their products will be added to a few of our affiliate networks, such as Share-a-Sale.

Cost: $145/month

The value of the premium options are self evident, they allow merchants to promote their products through a variety of platforms thus increasing their sale’s potential and customers from all over the world to find and buy a merchant’s products online.