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Free Android app with your store

We will create an android app and add it to the google Playstore free of charge. The idea is to give you another tool to market your products on the Citify Marketplace, while also offering your customers easy and direct access to your store via their smart phone. We hope such an initiative will increase your brand awareness and increase sales on the site.

If you are interested, 1. open a store (don’t forget logo and add info) 2. add products 3. Contact us to say you are interested in having a free app of your store.


Citify, the logical conclusion to the trend.

There are so many apps that have been developed recently to make shopping for local deliveries from everything from food deliveries to groceries. It would only make sense that one app would conjoin all these services into easy to use app. 

Instead of fumbling over a thousand apps to get one service or another, why not just one app to have the whole city into the palm of one's hand. This would greatly simplify shopping and become a great benefit for consumers and shop owners alike. 

Citify, therefore, is the logical conclusion to the ongoing trend of local ubernization of shopping and the empowering of consumers to find, locate, and purchase local products online.