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Get Sharpay tokens for sharing Citify’s content and products on your social media


For those of you who are interested in crypto, you will be delighted to know that we have added Sharpay to our site. Get Sharpay tokens ( now worth $0.0002467695 USD) What is sharpay ? “The sharpay is the share and multi-share button for sites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion for users. Multisharing is an opportunity to share the content in several networks in one click. Users receive rewards for the act of sharing or for the visits of other users via the shared links (depends on site settings). All that means the conversion growth for sites and comfortable sharing for users.” Basically, sharing content and products to one’s social media is worth some money in the form of crypto. You will need to open a sharpay account and start sharing. Open an account here

Delivery Services


We have reached out to some delivery services that are able to give merchants same day door-to-door delivery, so that one can sell on Citify and deliver products within the city in a matter of hours for less $. In Montreal, there is Xpedigo, and for US based merchants there is Rodie. You will have to open a personal account with these services, as they are not integrated with Citify yet. Your customers will be delighted to see their purchases in front of their door in 4 hours or less. We are always looking for other services around the world to partner with that offer same-day local delivery to cover more areas.

Advertising, Radio, Roku, Affiliate, Multi-channel, Push notification extension.


Advertising is the most difficult aspect of any business. We are constantly looking for new ways to advertise products and services. We have somewhat abandoned the same old worn-out tactics of using untrustworthy, expensive, monopolies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google etc etc… to advertise. Instead, we wish to create our own advertising network comprised of radio, IPTV, affiliate networks, apps, and web browser extensions, multi-channel, and more.

If you are not aware, we already have a Roku channel to advertise products Citify Shopping Channel with others on the way. We have also a Classical internet Radio station, with other stations to be created soon. We have a chrome extension and an app.

We are currently trying to work on a Chrome extension that will pay people with crypto to view push notifications ads and share them with sharepay. We suppose it is a bit like the Brave browser (BAT) adverting model, but it would be an extension that would be working across all browsers. It is in the works and we will send news when it is done.

We have looked to adding affiliate networks like Share Results and Shareasale. These affiliate networks have thousands of people that could possibly share products across platforms in exchange for some $$.

We have also partnered with ecomdash, a multi-channel service that allows to place products across 50 different marketplaces, like Amazon, Rakuten, ebay, Etsy, and others.

However, none of the aforementioned services are integrated with Citify and we will have to deal with case by case and add products manually for now.

Premium Services

Some of these advertising service require money, so we have started premium service packages for those who may be interested. (click on the green links to subscribe)


Bronze is the free option in which any merchant can add unlimited products for free for a 5% commission after a sale. The promotion and advertising of products for the store is entirely up to the merchant aside from a mention on our social media.

Cost: Free


The gold option has everything of the bronze except the commission is at 0% and the merchant will benefit of being shared unto our social media, e-mail campaign to our thousands of subscribers and having their video content available on Citify TV to be potentially viewed by thousands of potential customers and their audio ads to be added to all our radio stations.

Cost: $25/month


Platinum has everything the Gold option has, except the added value of having their products uploaded on many more marketplaces, Amazon, ebay, Bonanza, and many others on our channel with ecomdash. Also, their products will be added to a few of our channel on affiliate networks, such as Share-a-Sale.

Cost: $145/month

The value of the premium options are self evident, they allow merchants to promote their products through a variety of platforms thus increasing their sale’s potential and customers from all over the world to find and buy a merchant’s products online.


We know that some merchants and customers might be perplexed by our desire to adopt crypto currencies on our platform. As some of you may know, we have even tried to fund our project with our own ICO, Ciifycoin, but sadly, this did not work out as we have hoped.

The truth is, we believe that one day or another crypto will be adopted by more and more merchants and customers, and this is self evident as major brands and companies are either contemplating or accepting crypto as payment for their products and/or services. So what about the little merchants, why can’t they get access to the crypto market that is worth billions ? As with the advent of all new technology, the medium and small merchants and companies are often left out. Citify hopes to make it easier, by having an online platform in which any merchant is able to accept any crypto it wishes, also it would allow people with crypto to buy local products. This is why we teamed up with CoinSwitch, the same company that powers our crypto exchange, and hope to add their crypto payment processor through their API. No merchant will be obliged to accept crypto as a payment, as they would need to opt-in to the service if they so wish it.

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