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We are off Reddit, and Amazon, transferring all videos to Bitchute from Youtube.

Reddit, Youtube, Amazon are censoring free speech. As I said in our last blog post, we will never be apart of censorship, we firmly believe in free speech and freedom in general irrespective of the point of view or product sold. If our clients and shop owners believe in X, it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS AND WE DON’T CARE. If a product offends your sensibilities WE DON’T CARE. Can we promote products and win without big tech ? YES, absolutely. There is an army of smaller tech firms that believe like us, and at the end we believe that firms that stand up for freedom will win. There is a gazillion of ways to promote products without compromising ideals as important as freedom.

Thank you.


We are off Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Linkedin

We have decided a few months ago to not use the services of Facebook, Twitter Google, Linkedin, and recently Pinterest over the issue of censorship. We believe in freedom of speech for all, and will not use services that openly go against the right of freedom of speech. We honestly do not care about the politics and beliefs of our merchants and clients. We have our own political views but will never impose them on others in anyway. We simply want to simplify finding local products and services in your area and help local stores make a bit of money while making a bit of money ourselves. However, we will not use these services ourselves simply because a service that is willing to censor according to their own political or ethical bias cannot be trusted in anything else, including promotions. Imagine if one of our stores supports faction X, should we pull down their listings? NEVER. This is our stance, but of course our clients can do what they wish and promote and sell what they like and say what they want and use any tool and service they wish. We believe in freedom.

If you wish to follow us, we are on Gab, a free speech platform.




We use other promotional methods for services and products, such as flyers and mass e-mails to opt-in followers, but we will never ever use the services here mentioned unless they change their policies.

Thank you.