The idea behind Citify is to allow everyone to win. The obvious way is to attract shoppers and to have them purchase local products and it is the merchants that prosper, but as merchants prosper they may add more employees to their work force, as a workforce is added the city prospers with more people with employment, and through taxes. Stores also gain through inexpensive advertisement opportunities. Gone are the days of the catalog and flyers. The local commerce and community will be strengthened.    

Shoppers also win, as Citify allows them the opportunity to plan local purchases, adopt new stores, and buy local products from anywhere. Gone are the days of only knowing and comparing a handful of stores, why not compare all of them, and save money. 

Through our various cryptocoin projects, one in which a share button will be added in which visitors who share advertised products get a fraction of a Citifycoin, that can be collected for certain products in participating stores, exchanged for fiat, traded, etc etc. This method will allow the people to be their own banks and be able to use various methods of payments with their various benefits. 

We are very interested to also add the opportunity to use any crypto to shop and pay for products, but this will need far more development. It would be a way to easily trade crypto to fiat at purchase and allow merchants the opportunity to select the ability to accept crypto payments too. yes, it is possible. Thus, Citify can become a bridge between shoppers and local stores, but also between the crypto currencies and the ability to buy and purchase actual products. 

The idea is that everyone wins while using and shopping on Citify. Everybody wins.