As you may know, Facebook and G+ do not have an app or method in which one can pay for products or services online on any of its marketplaces. I suspect there wont be any for many years to come. Therefore, I would like to purpose that sellers use the crypto currency Citicoin as one of the ways that two parties can pay for products and services through social media. 

Unlike other methods, such as Paypal, bank transfer, crypto is a far faster, and a far safer alternative. There is no way hack into any of your fiat currencies or accounts, anonymous, no transaction or % fees. Accept payments from anywhere around the world and it's FREE. 

One can use the same crypto to buy other products using this method of payment on the FB G+ marketplaces. It would allow sellers to sell and deliver products farther away even from across the world, from their current location. Local sellers and customers, can complete transaction on the spot or online.

So how is this done? 

1. First open a waves wallet. (keep your seed, word phrases, safe. write them down somewhere, share with no one)

2. You will be given a wallet address, use this wallet address for people to transfer Citicoin to you. something like this 3PJbQsNdmv2oh1LvvAbEnv5XWp4p2r4HAeN

3. Advertise your product with a fiat and Citicoin price. ( Citicoin is currently $0.10 for every dollar. So a product selling at 10.00 is 100 Citicoin.) 

4. Give buyer waves wallet address if they agree to pay with this currency. 

5. Payment is made

6. Deliver product. 

The moment sellers receive tokens, they can do the following; Hold the tokens until they gain higher value, purchase products from other merchants who use this method, use the exchange to convert Citicoin, to another crypto currency or into fiat. There is, however, a few more steps to convert crypto to fiat depending where you are. 

It is easy, it gives another option to selling online via social media. 

To get the ball rolling, I am giving 200 Citicoins to any who would like to use Citicoin as an option currency while selling and buying on social media. Just click and fill out the form. 


If you need more citicoin it is available on the DEX exchange ref CcwwRG8kmEdaxiEE3C1Q6vDmsLaeuhP1Ft66gKSJCqQ7 (copy paste this in trading pairs) with most currencies.