Some have asked how will Citify add all the shops with in the city on the Citify network., since to them the task seems so daunting and nearly impossible to accomplish.

The shops are added in phases. 

Phase 1: Citify will add affiliate stores available on affiliate networks and connect them to the network through API. This includes data from apps that have already accumulated local stores and service providers. This will allow Citify to monetize through affiliate marketing. This alone should add millions of products.  

Phase 2: Citify will locate stores that have eCommerce websites and connect them to the network. Citify will monetize with those ecomm stores that have a native affiliate program.    

Phase 3: Citify will use data providers that have stores and their products available and connect it to Citify. Citify will monetize with those ecome stores that have a native affiliate program.    

Phase 4: Citify will recruit stores and businesses that either do not have any online presence or would like to add their products on another ecomm network.  

These are the ways that Citify projects to accumulate all the products available in a given city in the beginning until the site becomes a natural and logical place that a business will consider to place their products and services for sale. 

In the future, we hope that those stores that have been added as affiliates will change as full fledged additions to the site and benefit from Citify's service like those stores that have added themselves in phase 4, which includes payments with citicoin, a point of sale,  and later, a delivery service from shop to consumer. 

It is in this way, that most of the products and services in any given city will added and available on Citify for easy online shopping within ones city or to browse through the products available in another city.