Citify has released its own crypto currency for its platform.

 Citify is always open towards other payment systems to simplify transactions. So it created  its own crypto currency to add another great way to pay for merchandise while simplifying global payments in any currency, adding quicker speed for transactions, versatility, and adding value to the platform. The currency can be added as a reward system for loyal customers who, in turn, can exchange, hold, transfer, save for future purposes. 

It is surprising that many major online marketplaces have not added a cryptocurrency or noted cryptocurrency as an option to pay for products and take advantage of the many benefits that can be had with blockchain technology. While fiat is still the most common and prefered method of payment, there are still many disadvantages to its use. The conversion of fiat to another fiat can be costly in exchange rates and disadvantageous to the merchant and consumer, it may take some time to receive payments, and there can be up to a 3% on average charge for these transactions. Most of these disadvantages are eliminated with Citicoin. 

Citicoin is on the Waves blockchain and Citify is holding a pre-and public ICO to fund the addition of this technology and other great services to the platform. To have more information on the ICO you can visit this page

We hope to see Citicoin available and used on the Citify platform and beyond.