When I first came up with Citify, it was simply because it was impossible to simply find products with the stores within my city. It is quite frustrating to shop for local stores online. This is why, I assume, many consumers will turn towards the well known well trodden avenues of online shopping and at the expense of the local shops and services within the city.

Merchants themselves are overwhelmed with the advent of online selling and I think are in need of a marketplace of their own, where they and their products are the focus and not some unknown merchant across the world. I believe that a singular e-commerce site will not attract the same amount of traffic as an online marketplace, the same as a a shop on the corner of the street will not gain the same traction and interest as one set up in a mall. 

We envision a world where a consumers can get anything within their city and other cities around the world at their finger tips. It is not impossible to imagine that a consumer can simply ask for something and have all the local options instantly nor is it impossible to imagine that they can even set it in such a way that a certain product is delivered within an hour or even set a product to be delivered every set day within the month. All this, I think, will eventually become the future of retail.

We are living in exciting times. Times where needs can be met almost instantly. I believe that a local marketplace to allow shoppers the ability to see and receive anything and everything from within one's city or from any city around the world is part of that future, though local online marketplaces are not a new concept, what is new is that Citify is determined to make it a far more common utility which consumers can use and rely upon for their shopping needs, while other marketplaces seem to treat local shop owners as an after thought in their business model. 

I do not think that stores or malls are going anywhere, just I think an online mall with all the stores and products within a city would be an added utility that can greatly benefit stores and consumers alike. 

It is an idea I believe in, a vision that I think will make shopping simpler, smarter, quicker, and better, and it simply does not seem to exist anywhere online.