What is Citicoin?

  • Citicoin is a cryptocurrency that will be used on the Citify marketplace.
  • It will allow shoppers and merchants save money on hefty % fees as with traditional fiat transfers as with Paypal.
  • Fast payments, secure, and decentralized payments from across the globe and without the need of a financial institution.
  • The token can be exchanged, traded, and used like any other cryptocurrency. 
  • Users can transfer the currency to other users. 
  • Citicoin can also be used as a reward token for frequent shoppers. 
  • Shoppers and merchants can do what they wish with accumulated tokens, buy more products on the marketplace, exchange for other currencies, or cash out in fiat. 

Why invest in Citicoin?

  • Unlike many ICO's, Citify actually has a MVP already online. The ICO investment is to make it far better and add the development needed to add the cryptocurrency and other developments on the marketplace. 
  • There is no need for a lot of funding to complete the project,  we keep things very slim and simple.  
  • Only a very little amount of ICO tokens will be issued
  • The token will be available on the DEX exchange. 
  • Create partnerships with small and big businesses alike to use Citicoin as an online and ofline payment method.
  • A token that might raise in prestige and value.
  • Few competitors
  • Investments in other side projects and partnerships that will make Citify grow stronger  
  • Cash out for another crypto or fiat at anytime. 

Citicoin features

  • Citicoin is using the waves platform token. It is just simpler to use than ETH,  
  • Fast and low cost transfers and payments. 
  • A decentralized token that can be exchanged and used any number of ways. Trade it, hold it, or exchange it.
  • Encrypted and safe token to use and hold using the Waves wallet
  • An internal and native currency for the marketplace. 
  • A shoppers reward system.

Citify Marketplace features 

  • Geo specific marketplace to find local stores and their purchasable offers online. Like Foursquare but with a marketplace of the merchants products.
  • Quickly find stores and through a searchable directory. 
  • Products are easily shared with friends on social networks
  • Accepts payments through paypal and (soon) a native Crypto
  • Leave commentary, questions, and ratings 
  • Stay connected with favorite stores 
  • Search available local products with large and small businesses alike. 
  • The eventual addition of a local delivery system for all retailers. Same day merchant to customer delivery system.
  • The eventual addition of a voice ordering system for local products. 

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Lyon Leshley

CEO of Citify Markeketplace


This project is bootstrapped by yours truly. So no mega big team of crypto programming megastars and advisers, nice to have but overrated with so many flops and scams to prove it, no big budget, no fancy flashy website, no big promises of going to the moon. Just your old fashion, cash strapped, bootstrapped start-up with an amazing idea, and talented hired programmers to make things happen. However, as funds come in, a team can be formed, advertising budgets can be made, and the idea can finally be made into a blossoming busy start-up. You will be a part of that, you will have a Citicoin to prove it, and it may very well grow in value as a reward for your leap of faith and taking a risk on Citify.

Only 100,000,000 tokens available

Identifier: CcwwRG8kmEdaxiEE3C1Q6vDmsLaeuhP1Ft66gKSJCqQ7 ( ID: on the DEX Exchange)

Name: Citicoin

Details: Citifymarketplace.com's, a hyperlocal marketplace for city merchants, crypto-token.

Total tokens:100000000.00000000

Reissuable: No

Pre-ICO February to March 2018 5,000,000 tokens available. 0.031667 Waves (0.25 USD / 0.31 CAD / 0.00002389 BTC)

Public-ICO  April to May 2018 25,000,000 tokens available 0.05752063 Waves (0.45 USD / 0.55 CAD/ 0.00004340 BTC)

If you are interested in Citicoin please inform us how many tokens you would like to have and give us your Waves Wallet address

We accept Bitcoin, Waves, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash

Bitcoin: 34rYJNYV4HhkMZhAotGUjB5siPWvosF6kd

Waves: 3PJbQsNdmv2oh1LvvAbEnv5XWp4p2r4HAeN

Ethereum: 0x95f1ed75107d19eeae89c2fd9f63eb0198cbbcf3

Litcoin: LdU6q7TpqM2aLar3FVcdutURq2DPKJoQyt

Zcash: t1MUdZDhiYcqe7wE8NpfUNhs4duuvKbJYSj

Don't have a waves Wallet get it here

We will exchange tokens through transfer wallet to wallet due to the fact of the exorbitant cost of creating a smart contract and the many reports of hacks and theft of tokens and information through smart contracts. 

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you.

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