"While the “big box” model continues to lose ground, eCommerce, and especially online retail orders, continues to grow, bringing with it both challenges and opportunities related to logistics and delivery. In 2017, many consumers will receive their first same-day delivery, whether at home, at work, or at a drop-off point of their choosing.

Many stores will now operate out of smaller spaces, which will serve as showrooms, fitting rooms, or drop-off points. Customers will be able to order the product they want after having seen it and touched it.

Amazon offers free same-day delivery with any purchase over $35 to its “Prime” members in 27 cities across the United States. In Canada, same-day delivery is now available in Toronto and Vancouver.

In addition to working on same-day delivery agreements with Uber and Lyft, Walmart is even exploring the idea of having a customer who makes an in-store purchase drop off another customer’s order on his way home.

Walmart is also investing in smaller stores in order to expand its reach. It would make sense for these stores to become delivery points for online purchases where customers could also pick up everyday essentials like paper towels, dish soap, perishable foods, etc.

IKEA opened six drop-off points in Canada this year in order to serve new markets. Customers make their purchases online and then pick up their order at one of the drop-off points.

Czech online retailer Zoot delivers items purchased online to a physical location within a few hours. Consumers can try on clothes and keep only the pieces they like.

Macy’s, a leading omni-channel retailer, plans to give Amazon a run for its money. The “ship from store” option will transform any Macy’s store into an order processing center, giving them 775 locations to ship from, compared to Amazon’s 66."

At Citify Marketplace, we are also exploring a way to centralize city stores and find ways to deliver products on the same day. This can be done through third party delivery and the citify delivery app. In this way, not only  the few big box stores that will benefit from such a service, but all stores found within the city.