Here is a list of suggested ideas on how to make your Citify shop more successful. 

1. Great customer service. 

On Citify the merchants are responsible for everything, customer service, delivery, taxes, prices, etc.. so it is important to offer great customer service so as to make a great impression and to get repeat sales. 

2. Share your products on social media

Sharing on social media is a good way to get FREE advertising. On Citify sharing is simple, most of the popular social media buttons are available to you below so you and others can share your shop and products. 

3. Link Citify to your website.

If you do not have an eCommerce solution, but you have a website, why not use your Citify shop as your eCommerce site.  The advantages are that Citify is free, pay a very low commission on each sale, allows far more flexibility than other marketplaces. Suggestion: If you dont have yet a site, you can always use services such as WIX or SQUARESPACE as the main site and use Citify as your eCommerce.  

4.  Link Citify to directories

If you do not have an eCommerce site, you can use Citify as your main site to sell your products. Link it to sites like Yelp, Foresquare, Google Places, Yellow pages, and all other directories ( Here is a list of 50 Directories) where potential clients will find your shop's location online and in the same time shop online through your products directly online. 

5.  Ask for the Citify sticker. 

The Citify window sticker is available on demand, add it to your store front so your clients know you are on Citify. 

6. Ask people to be personal affiliates for your store. 

Citify has an affiliate program in which they can earn 3% commission on each sale they refer to the marketplace. It would be a good program to offer those clients or friends that are willing to promote your store online. 

7. Join the Citify IPTV service. 

IPTV is streaming internet TV. Citify initiated a IPTV station with Roku. This would be a great opportunity to take a short video about you, your store, products, and services and have it viewed on TV. 

8. Advertise the fact that you are on Citify on printed materials

Since Citify has its own easy to search directory, it is easy for your loyal consumers to find your online store and products on Citify.  

9. Tell people that you are on Citify

Tell your clients that your products are available on Citify.

10. Paid advertising. 

Link your Citify store to your paid advertising campaign on Facebook, Google adwords, etc. 

Although Citify does advertise the site and some of the products on the store through e-mail marketing, social media, social share, affiliates, and paid advertising, it will be the combined efforts of merchants and loyal clients that will make the marketplace and your store successful.