Citify started a shopping channel on a stream T.V, on ROKU ( IPTV ).  The idea is to allow small businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford to participate on the medium of television, to advertise their products and services. 

This service in combination with the Ctify app will allow shoppers to see the products, merchants, advertisement and order it via their smartphones. That is to say if the merchant added products onto the marketplace. Other streaming IPTV TV devices will be considered to be added to the service. This strategy will allow products and shopkeepers to reach 29 million potential clients  and to make their pitch as to why why shoppers should consider buying their product. 

It is also good to note that when a merchant adds a product to Citify, they can also add their video with the product online. This will allow the consumer to either see the product in action or for the merchant to make their sales pitch. The shopping channel allows a way to amplify that pitch to an even greater amount of potential clients. The shopping channel is $9.99USD a month to add the video. Merchants are welcome to add as many video that they wish.  It is always FREE to open a shop and sell products on Citify, only a 5% commision after a sale.