There are many reasons that joining a local online marketplace is a good idea and potentially help your business improve sales.

  1. Instead of having just a stand alone webpage in the sea of the internet and being the only one to do most of the work to gain visitors, a marketplace will have multiple merchants market the same location, thus, gaining a lot more potential  visitors than ones stand alone site.
  2. Low cost and tech knowledge to start a shop on an online marketplace
  3. No need to be concerned about SEO
  4. No need to dabble in costly tecky services
  5. The marketplace itself will do advertising to attract visitors to the site.
  6. Affiliate marketing services might be built in with the marketplece.
  7. Shoppers will bump into your products and discover your brand
  8. Shoppers will have the opportunity to compare products
  9. Shoppers can give reviews that will be likely seen by others
  10. Shoppers receive their purchases at home.
  11. Extend brand awareness, in the case of your location will also be known, therefore attracting a lot more potential visitors to your physical shop.
  12.  The ease and facility for shoppers to browse and buy products and services online via computer, mobile, and tablet.
  13. No risk, no extra costs
  14. The physical shop becomes a storage and showroom or their is no real need to have physical stock at all. Ship directly from your provider when you receive an order.
  15. Easy to start a little business online without all the fuss.
  16. No need to have an expensive online marketplace with a shopping cart, simply link your marketplace store to handle online purchases.
  17. Get recognized locally and internationally and expand ones outreach and potential clients.
  18. In store purchasing while using the marketplace.
  19. Accepts all types of currencies and online methods of payment.

There are surely many more reasons that one can benefit from an online marketplace that may have more advantages than a stand alone online store. The best of them respects your brand and allows merchants the freedom to keep contact and their personal service quality, and not try to squeeze the merchant of all their profits.