Citify Shopping Channel

Citify Shopping Channel

Citify started a shopping channel on a stream t.v, on ROKU (IPTV).  The idea is to allow small businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford to participate on the medium of television and to advertise their products and services. 

This service in combination with the Ctify app will allow shoppers to see the products, merchants, advertisement and order it via their smartphones. That is to say if the merchant added products onto the marketplace. Other streaming IPTV TV devices will be considered to be added to the service. This strategy will allow products and shopkeepers to reach 29 million potential clients  and to make their pitch as to why why shoppers should consider buying their product. 

It is also good to note that when a merchant adds a product to Citify, they can also add their video with the product online. This will allow the consumer to either see the product in action or for the merchant to make their sales pitch. The shopping channel allows a way to amplify that pitch to an even greater amount of potential clients. The shopping channel is $9.99USD a month to add the video. Merchants are welcome to add as many video that they wish.  It is always FREE to open a shop and sell products on Citify, only a 5% commision after a sale. 



The pros and cons for sellers on 9 online marketplaces

The Marketplaces


Not all online marketplace are created the same, and they are not all designed for the same audience and purposes. Here is a short glimpse of each marketplace and their pros and cons. 

Let us start with the household names Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy.  

1. Amazon

The behemoth, mega, marketplace with an estimated 244 million active members that sells both big brands and products by individual sellers.

Pros: Massive online traffic, multiple product options which allows you to sell anything.  Affiliate marketing, fulfillment by Amazon, 

Cons: The customer is Amazon's, and not the sellers. Amazon competes with sellers and takes very high commissions from merchants upwards to 25% commission depending on product.

2. eBay

Another mega marketplace with 85 million unique visitors a month. The marketplace allows you to place products either for auction or a "buy it now" price.

Pros: Massive online traffic, wide variety of products, easy to establish seller account wide variety of products, branding opportunity for sellers.

Cons: Fees structures are complex and can and expensive, slow transactions in auction format. 

3. Etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace for handmade crafts and handcraft supplies. 17 unique visitors a month. 

Pros: User friendly, It's easy to set up, lots of traffic, part of a community 

Cons: fees add up, listing fees, credit card fees, saturated markets, limited customization, no shop customization

Other big marketplaces (lesser known)


4. Rakuten

Rakuten is an online marketplace similar to Amazon with 39 million unique visitors a month, the majority from Japan. 

Pros: No customer overlap since most customers may not be using other marketplace. A good place to find loyal customers outside of the United States. Rakuten does not compete with the merchants and encourages merchants to compete among themselves. 

Cons:  High shipping costs to Japanese customers, strong competitors, high costs to join at 33$ a month plus commissions as high as 15% for some categories. 

5. Newegg

Newegg is a marketplace that specializes in electronics with 6.1 million unique visitors a month.

Pros: sophisticated shoppers who are looking for particular products, low commission rates, some of the lowest in the industry.  

Cons: Sellers must pass a screening test, shoppers will only purchase products that they have most likely heard of before. 

6. ioffer

On the ioffer marketplace, shoppers offer a price to the sellers. Instead of bidding against other buyers for an item, potential buyers can make you an offer that you can accept or deny.

Pros: Less expensive fees to sell. They have a final value sale depending the price of the item. 

Con: Difficult to navigate, lacks customer service, no branding opportunity, 

7. Bonanza

Bonanza is an C2C online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can sell their products. It has 2.1 million unique visitors a month.

Pro: simple navigation, upbeat community, easy product upload, viable alternative to eBay and Amazon. 

Cons: Less sales potential than on other marketplaces, can't sale identical items, 

Local marketplaces


8. Citify

A new online/app marketplace that invites stores, wholesalers, individuals to sell items locally and globally. Shoppers can find items sold in their city or in any other city available on the marketplace. The marketplace also offers a job market for their local merchants to find workers. 

Pros: Easy navigation, locate products by location, easy to open a store, low flat fees 5% for all items, no listing fee, Easy contact between seller and buyer.

Cons: low traffic, no CSV upload, currently not a lot of items available,  

9. Scott's marketplace

Scott's marketplace has the same idea as Citify. A marketplace that seeks to help small businesses get online and show their wares.

Pros: Easy to navigate, nice site, easy to open a store, upbeat community, low 4.99% fee, no listing fees. 

Cons: low traffic, no product share buttons, small presence on the net, USA only sellers. 
 is also

When Citify was first designed, we thought of the Canadian marketplace as the point of focus. However, with time and seeing that many merchants and store owners from around the world have expressed interest we have opened the marketplace to the world. So has is also known as We presently have merchants from all over the world intrested in delivering their products to their local and global consumers. 

Why Citify ?

Why should there be a marketplace for local city goods and services? why should there be another online marketplace? Why 

The Big City

The city is a confusing, immense, noisy, bustling, infrastructure with millions of people and hundreds of thousands of stores and shopping malls at every corner of every street screaming for attention.  How can we make sense of it all ? How can we find things ? How much time is spent looking, searching, comparing,  and store hopping to find a certain product. All those hours browsing, searching, driving down to malls, parking the car, pushing through crowds, and the various other adventures and troubles that shopping in brick and mortar stores may cause. Shopping is a huge everyday logistical problem for every shopper everyday.

The vast Internet   

Shoppers are a clever bunch, they will go to the internet to look for items that they are interested in, they do their research, compare, select a store, and then plot out their travels to. It is a matter of survival, time management, and a very smart shopping strategy that has become increasingly the trend. However, there is an issue to this strategy. How will shoppers find the items they are looking for on the internet? How will they know which store to go to ? How will they know what is in their city? Is there a way to have the product delivered?  Many will simply say that they will Google the item and keep their fingers crossed. The truth is Google will not show shoppers all the stores available in their city, it will not show all websites of every store that have the desired item, shoppers will not be able to truly compare and make a complete research of the best prices in the city. Shopping for local goods and services on google can be very frustrating if not at times impossible. Google search results will most likely show BIG box stores with huge advertising budgets. So the shopping results on Google is in the favor of those shops that have the means to advertise online. The internet is simply too big to find local stores that offer the item shoppers are looking for. 

The Small Merchant

The small merchant looks at the internet as an abstract foreign entity, separate from their brick and mortar shop. They will sporadically attempt to place some content online, in a Facebook page, a little tweet, an Instagram, a website, very few have an eCommerce solution to drive online sales. Many small merchants are uneasy and uncertain in the way to participate in the internet shopping trend. More then 80% of small merchants avoid the internet all together and either see it as an added hassle, frustration, and an investment with uncertain results.  

The BIG price tag of eCommerce platforms

The small merchants and anyone who would like to have an eCommerce platform often balk at the price tag of having an eCommerce platform. Everything from custom eCommerce design to SAAS solutions like Shopify, Megento, Woocomerce, Pastashop, etc etc can be quite expensive, confusing, complicated, and intimidating. The development of an eCommerce platform can cost thousands of dollars, but there is also the costs of marketing the platform, hiring skilled designers, SEO gurus, graphic designers, etc etc. Furthermore, the investment does not guarantee any ROI (return on investment) as their expensive stand alone site stands in a digital ocean of the internet, showing up very little times on Google, possibly ranking on the 100th search page, possibly attracting very little attention and very few shoppers. 

The BIG online marketplaces

Amazon and eBay are popular household names. They are behemoths of the online marketplace model. They are great for global, international, sales, but they evidently are not serving the regional city population and its many unique shops, artisans, merchants of every-stripe. They do not serve the shopper who is looking for products in their city. The fun thing about is that it can also be used to shop in other cities for products, so in a way it is also global as the aforementioned sites, but with a very unique perspective on local shops and shoppers that BIG behemoth online marketplaces do not. 

So, why makes sense out of the city. It saves time, money, and sanity. Citify is the shoppers friend, a handy shopping tool, as they search for items in their city, compare prices, and either visit the store with the desired item or purchase it directly online, and have it shipped to their door. It is simple, the shopper pops out their cell phone, tablet, and starts browsing for local goods and services and purchasing it online, time saved, energy saved, sanity saved. is the small merchants easy way into the net, they open a store (1 min) create profile (2 min) add products (2 min each) post it, and it's online and ready to sell. No programming, no headaches, and best of all its FREE.  Merchants extend their reach across the city, the country even the world. allows merchants and shoppers to connect, it allows them to ask questions, negotiate, review, and share. Citify serves a need that is relevant as more and more people use the internet as a tool to find local products and services. At the time of writing, is a small, young, online marketplace, but with time we hope the marketplace will become an indispensable shopping tool. 



List of marketplaces to shop local

Shopping local online is becoming a trend. The convenience of looking for local products from the comforts of home online can be quite exciting and may result in either the shopper visiting the location in which the product is and discover new a store and adopting a new brand in the process, or simply ordering any product from a local store and have it delivered to their door. Here is a list of of eCommerce platforms that are designed to connect local shops with local shoppers.

  1. Scott's Marketplace
  2. Citify Marketplace

If you are aware of any other local online virtual mall. Please let us know. we will add it to the list.

Normas Bath and Body joins Citify

What is better that being in a hot shower? well, being in the shower with soap that looks and smells like delicious food of course. Normas Bath and Body's products are hand made soaps that smells and  looks like yummy treats. Try no to eat them! Here are some of the products available on

123 Station 123 has joined Citify

123 Station 123 is a large electronics and gadgets supplier based in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. Citify is very happy that they have added many interesting products onto our marketplace. Here is some of the products available on City brought to us by 123 Station.

and so much more.

come and check Citify for more products from this store.

Some of the New Products this Month (August)

New products this month on

The marketplace is rapidly growing with new products from around the world. We are very happy to have new stores open on our marketplace. Here are some of the new products we have on our marketplace this month.




With a suitable machine and correct technique Whole Body Vibration can stimulate the body in a variety of unique and beneficial ways not possible with other forms of exercise. The key to Whole Body Vibration effectiveness is G-force. A review of the research literature indicates that insufficient G-force is the #1 reason for disappointing outcomes in many if not most cases.

Loaded with innovative new features and style, HyperVibe brings you a vibration machine designed for the ultimate user experience. The new G17 PRO model brings power, style, and intelligence together via a beautiful color LCD display which guides users through a wide range of pre-installed video programs.

G17 Specifications Vibration frequency: 5-35Hz (adjustable in 1Hz increments) Vibration amplitude: 7mm maximum (peak to peak) Vibration acceleration: 17g maximum Platform movement: Pivotal Platform Size (mm): 21.1(w) 13.2(d) Machine Size (in): 28.1(w) 32.2(d) 53.3(h) Machine weight: 170lb Maximum user weight: 440lb Motor: 900W

We have been based in Didsbury AB since 2007, teaching people how to unlock the benefits whole body vibration has to offer. We offer private training by appointment at our Calgary studio. If you are dealing with a medical issue, own a machine now and need some direction, we’ve here as an experienced resource. Our company trains medical professionals, are involved in ongoing research and offer the best performing machines in the market.


PC Test Serial Port Cable RS232 RS 232 Loopback Loop Back Plug Tester LED Adaptor


Mini Testers are used to check the interface for failures and to help identify the equipment that has failed. Used to monitor the 7 most commonly used data lines to see if equipment has failed. Seven, two row of color LEDs check status of TD, RD, RTS, CTS, DSR, CD, DTR. DB 9 Male/Female No external power required DB9 Male to Female Pass Through M/F RS-232 V.24 Serial Mini-Tester With LED light Easy to install , Plug & Play Standard RS-232 Port Fully compliant with RS-232 Specs. Easy check data transfer & receiver Compact size Fit display of RS-232 working

Sold by 123 Station123  Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

$13.22CAD / $10.52 USD


EA Sports FIFA Manager 08 PC


FIFA Manager 08 is a game created by EA Sports , part of the series FIFA Manager . It was released on November 2, 2007 on PC. Game in Like New condition. Tested and works great. Coming from personal collection.

Sold by Verrosa London, Ontario

$29.99 CAD/$24.59 USD


Cherry Lotion


Yum.. indulge in this cherry body lotion. smells like candy! great for anyone. try not to lick it;) super moisturizing and great for all skin types. use on the feet too before retiring.. 8 oz jar. All handmade! highly recommend! Don't lick it:)

Sold by Normasbathandbody Elizabethtown, United States

$11.65 CAD/$9.00 USD


About the Making of Citify

It all came about on day, as a man was too lazy to shop with his wife and there was a boxing match on T.V that day. The very sad man wanted a simpler way to get all the things his beloved wife wanted that day, but without moving from his couch and the comfort of his own home. At first, the man had the idea of shopping online and dashed in front of his computer, looking, searching frantically, for the things his wife wanted desperately that day, but alas! without success, most shops in the city, he noticed, do not have a website or a website with a shopping cart, so his hopes were dashed and he put on his coat, for the poor sad man had to shop all day that day. The very sad man had to resign to his fate, and had to shop with his wife and spend hours and hours in malls and shops all around the city and miss the boxing match on T.V. Then the man had an idea, he thought "Would it be nice, would it be very nice, if I could order anything from any shop within my city with my cell phone, tablet, or computer, and not have to spend hours and hours in malls and shops all around the city with my beloved wife this day."

So this man went on a quest, a quest for people like him, people who are either too lazy or too busy to spend hours and hours shopping all around the city or hours and hours searching through online for a shop that sold products online, or for a product that can be found within the city.

So this man thought, how to make it possible and easy for anyone to order anything from within one's city with one's tablet, cell phone, or computer. So he came up with a plan. The plan was ingenious, the plan was clever, "why not", he said, "have a marketplace for all the shops, imagine what that would do" He smiled as he thought of all those unknown shops, those hidden gems in some obscure shop that might be discovered on his site and no other.

At first the man thought of his own city, Montreal, and then thought how nice it would be to be able to shop virtually in Toronto or St-Johns too. (That is why it is Citify.CA), but then the man thought how nice it would be to virtually shop in Washington, Paris, London, Rome and in every other city around the world. too, Imagine the possibilities, the

So after hours shuttered in the basement, hours and days spent on his project, he came up with the app CITIFY.CA. A virtual mall for shops, wholesalers, service providers, home businesses, and anybody else from around the world who can place their products for sale and have it delivered to the consumers home.

However, the man was not satisfied. He is currently working for an inner city delivery system for same day free delivery to the shoppers location. He dreams of big black vans carrying products from the shops to the shoppers home on the same day for FREE. (This, however, is still under development)

He thought to make as simple as possibly it can using it would be frustration free...


Citify News

Citify strives to be better everyday, so here are some of the exciting changes that have been going on at

Now you can attract more customers by adding a youtube video to your product description. Simply add your Youtube video link in this box in the listing details and save. is open to Freelancers to sell their skills on the site. Web designers, writers, and freelance local services are all welcome on Citify. Simply post a skill, and charge either by hour or by task online. also has three Job boards one for local jobs one for freelancers, and the other for handymen. An employer who wishes to post a job and gain an employee, a freelancer, or a handy man may do so by posting a job on these Job boards. It is free to post. The Jobs will also appear on

We are very happy to announce that these shops have joined Citify.


Citify has a new app for android, so you can shop local on your mobile, tablet of computer. You can get it here

Citify has an affiliate program that you can join here and make 3% commission on any item sold through you affiliate link join here.

Citify is working hard to get a better local delivery system that would cost less and offer same day delivery in any given city. We are negotiating with third parties around the world to make this happen. More news to come……

Citify is collaborating with various city economic development departments, and may be going to Ottawa and other cities across Canada to evangelize and gain more merchants to the online marketplace.

Citify has a crowdfunding campaign to generate funds, so as to improve the site and invest in advertising, and invest in other innovations. You can donate here

We are still a very young marketplace (only 3 months old!!!) but we are progressing in leaps and bounds. Citify will grow to become the local marketplace to consult for local products and services.

Metagenics Fitness Joins

unnamed.jpg is happy to have Metagenics Fitness Equipment join our marketplace. Metagenics Fitness is a fitness equipment wholesaler that specializes in providing for recreational facilities, condos, resorts, universities, and retirement homes. Here are some of their products. Each product can be purchased individual or in bulk. Taxes are included with the price.




spin bike with power in watts measurement

The wired CMX SMARTECH POWER CONSOLE displays key cycling feedback including:

Power – watts Heart Rate – current, average and maximum Calories – Kcal Level – resistance 1-16 Speed – current, average and maximum (MPH or KPH) Cadence – current, average and maximum RPM Distance – trip distance (miles or kilometers) or distance countdown Time – count up or countdown timer Clock Feedback – 12/24 h Features

SMOOTH MAGNETIC RESISTANCE SYSTEM With no friction parts to wear and tear, CMXPro group exercise bikes are extremely quiet, durable and require very little maintenance.

16 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE Resistance lever adjusts easily to give you 16 levels to vary the intensity of your workout – train with interval’s from 30 watts to 1,000 plus watts.

COMFORTABLE SEAT Adjusts up/down and fore/aft for better fit or use your personal seat.

NO-SLIP MULTI-POSITION HANDLEBARS PVC coated handlebars adjust up/down and fore/aft for better fit.

THIS EXERCISE BIKE WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY PROVIDES A REALISTIC AND MEASURABLE CYCLING EXPERIENCE. At last there is a high quality magnetic group exercise bike with a power meter that delivers exceptional performance, motivating training feedback, and long life durability.

Certified for commercial facilities, the CMXPRO POWER group exercise bike with SMARTECH lets you train with power for top cycling performance – measuring your watts, heart rate, level of resistance, speed, cadence, calories, time and distance – to meet and improve your personal fitness goals. Using a smooth magnetic resistance system, with no friction parts for wear and tear, the CMXPRO POWER indoor cycle is extremely quiet and low maintenance making it an exceptional value.


SMARTECH Wired Power Console HR Monitor/Strap Dual Sided SPD Pedals 16 Levels Of Adjustable Resistance At Your Fingertips (Lever) Besides adding this high level of cycling feedback, the CMX PROPOWER model has all the same great features of the CMXPro Group Exercise Bike – including:

Precision Balanced Belt Driven Flywheel – durable, quiet, requires little maintenance and delivers great road feel Optimum Q Factor – narrower separation between the two pedal cranks for optimal performance Robotically Welded Frame – for long lasting performance Low Maintenance Design – magnetic resistance eliminates old style wearing parts Comfortable 4 Way Adjustable Seat Adjustable Multi Position Handlebars– no-slip, PVC coated with 4 way up/down and fore/aft adjustments Long Lasting Chrome Plated Seat And Handlebar Tubes Durable Ball Bearing Bottom Bracket –for easy service Durable Cranks – for long lasting performance Improved Corrosion Resistance – 2-stage powder coating, with ED primer coating for long lasting finish Dual Water Bottle Holders Rear Molded Stretch Pads Wider Cross legs – for improved stability and oversized leg levelers


Length 42? (107 cm) Height 42? (107 cm) Width 23? (58 cm) Weight 96 lbs (44 kg) Max User Weight 350 lbs (159 kg) Shipping Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)

Speedfit treadmill SPT-1000C



(Citify is selling on behalf of Metagenics Fitness Equipment, Vancouver, all prices taxes included)

Power source: Non motorized treadmill

100% Green treadmill

No electrical cost – No maintenance – 100% running experience

New generation treadmill ; The user controls the speed by the body’s position on the curved running surface.Stepping forward initiates movement, as the user moves up the face of the curve, speed increases. To slow, simply drift back towards the rear curve.The Speedboard permits low foot impaction the running surface through its new design, forcing the user to run correctly.

Effortless running ; Walk , jog , stop or sprint instantly with no intervention other than just shifting your body forward or back, not having to touch any buttons. Just RUN. It’s the best design ever.

Curve ; Innovation patented curve design conforms better to your stride and encourages running on the balls of your feet, both reducing joint impact and improving performance.

Treads ; Engineered for light weight and incredible strength , the treads are moulded from an advance composite material that incorporates a soft shock absorbing cover, which , together provide just the right spring and shock absorption while handling the high loads and long life requirements .

Zero Maintenance System; Tread belt system is a strong foundation for the precision ball bearings and rollers that support a belt – tread system. As with the roller belt system , the end result is a smooth, quiet belt system with zero maintenance .

Console : Speed , time , distance , heart rate ( by polar) and calories.

Running surface : 17? wide * 64? long ( 43 cm wide * 164 cm long). Weight : 275 lb ( 125 kg)

Warranty: Full commercial . User limit : 400 lbs running and 800 lb walking.

Great for military use and fire departments were users will walk or run with full gear.

Frame: Lifetime ,

Parts: 5 years

Labour : 1 year ( may vary depending on the location)

Treadmill in Action

TRX Pro Kit Suspension Trainer



TRX Home Gym is best-in-class bodyweight training for personal fitness. Our patented TRX Home Suspension Trainer has been proven to deliver better results in less time.

With easy set up in less than 60 seconds, you can get your workouts in when it works for you – in your home, at the park or beach, in your hotel room – anywhere you want to workout, whenever you want.0

Why join a local online Marketplace?

There are many reasons that joining a local online marketplace is a good idea and potentially help your business improve sales.

  1. Instead of having just a stand alone webpage in the sea of the internet and being the only one to do most of the work to gain visitors, a marketplace will have multiple merchants market the same location, thus, gaining a lot more potential  visitors than ones stand alone site.
  2. Low cost and tech knowledge to start a shop on an online marketplace
  3. No need to be concerned about SEO
  4. No need to dabble in costly tecky services
  5. The marketplace itself will do advertising to attract visitors to the site.
  6. Affiliate marketing services might be built in with the marketplece.
  7. Shoppers will bump into your products and discover your brand
  8. Shoppers will have the opportunity to compare products
  9. Shoppers can give reviews that will be likely seen by others
  10. Shoppers receive their purchases at home.
  11. Extend brand awareness, in the case of your location will also be known, therefore attracting a lot more potential visitors to your physical shop.
  12.  The ease and facility for shoppers to browse and buy products and services online via computer, mobile, and tablet.
  13. No risk, no extra costs
  14. The physical shop becomes a storage and showroom or their is no real need to have physical stock at all. Ship directly from your provider when you receive an order.
  15. Easy to start a little business online without all the fuss.
  16. No need to have an expensive online marketplace with a shopping cart, simply link your marketplace store to handle online purchases.
  17. Get recognized locally and internationally and expand ones outreach and potential clients.
  18. In store purchasing while using the marketplace.
  19. Accepts all types of currencies and online methods of payment.

There are surely many more reasons that one can benefit from an online marketplace that may have more advantages than a stand alone online store. The best of them respects your brand and allows merchants the freedom to keep contact and their personal service quality, and not try to squeeze the merchant of all their profits.