We imagined what would it be like to have the whole city in the palm of our hands, what if one could shop the whole city and beyond without actually visiting and consulting hundreds of stores and websites, what if all local sales, products and services were found on one site and can be ordered simply from any mobile device, so we came up with CITIFYMARKETPLACE.COM. CITIFY is an open online local Marketplace local shops, artists, suppliers, liquidators, wholesalers, and service providers found within cities across the world.

CITIFY is simple and practical to buy and sell anything found in the city. It is simple to start a businesses or to extend the reach of your current business. Sell your products without any risk, we only collect a 5% commission after a sale. It is ALWAYS FREE to open a shop.

The CITIFY project was started by Lyon Leshley with the purpose to facilitate finding local products and services in one’s city and purchasing them online. He came up with the idea when his wife asked him to go on errands and wished he could do all his shopping through his smart phone instead and have the products delivered to his home. Such a service did not exist, so he came up with the idea of CITIFY Marketplace.

Lyon Leshley

Lyon Leshley

There are many practical and beneficial advantages to having a local online marketplace.

  1. Consulting and finding local stores and their inventory.

  2. Having the ability to have anything and any service in the city sent to one’s home

  3. Planing purchases before visiting the store, pre-purchase and simply pick up.

  4. Planning purchases before visiting a certain location.

  5. Good for people with low mobility.

  6. Invest in local businesses and service providers.

  7. A free way for local merchants to sell their products. 80% of merchants are not using ecommerce.

  8. CITIFY is also crypto friendly, since we believe that crypto will eventually be the future, and CITIFY desires to simplify that transition for local store owners and open them to new opportunities. We do hope to add cryptocurrency payments to the platform.

    ….and much more.

    There are many more ideas and developments that would be nice to add and hopefully there will be a time when Citify can add more services, such as a delivery service and voice command purchase and delivery with AI. The potential is endless.

    If you have any questions, please communicate with us at info@citify.ca